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Starter Modular Bundle | Frequency Central


This bundle includes one CEMosc, Whiteface, More VCAs, and CEMvelope module. Buy them seperately with the links at the bottom of the page.

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Whiteface Full Kit | Frequency Central   + $0.00
More VCAs Full Kit | Frequency Central   + $0.00
CEMvelope | Frequency Central   + $0.00

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    A perfect starter set for anyone dipping their toes into Modular and or DIY for the first time. This bundle gives you everything you need to create your first voice:

    1 CEMosc - a stable AS3340 based VCO

    1 Whiteface VCF - a Filter based on the ARP Odyssey Mk1

    1 More VCAs - a compact ARP-based dual VCA (you can never have enough VCA's, as the adage goes).

    1 CEMvelope - a  Envelope Generator based on the Sequential Circuits Pro-One.

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