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Shruthi XT PCB

Shruthi XT PCB


The Shruthi XT builds on what is arguably one of the greatest DIY monosynths ever released to the SDIY community with an expanded, more immediate control surface.  Originally designed by Mutable Instruments, the project was graciously opensourced and is now in continued production from Laurentide Synthworks.

This is a PCB only in a desktop/non-modular format.  It requires a programmed IC - available here under "Related Parts", below.

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This is the main control board for the Shruthi XT expanded desktop monosynth.  Pair this with any of the related filter cards to build the Shruthi you want!  Requires a filter card and a programmed IC to work.

While this product is in fact a Shruthi XT originally designed, sold and supported by Mutable Instruments,  it is no longer manufactured by them and therefore is not supported by Mutable Instruments.  Any requests for help troubleshooting issues as they arise during a build that are sent to Mutable Instruments will be ignored.  Please, send any support requests to us, Laurentide Synthworks, or to the SDIY community forums - not to Mutable Instruments.

Although this is not an official Mutable Instruments product, we have been in contact with them during the whole process of continuing the legacy of the Shruthi-1 synthesizer.  All Mutable Instrument's Logos have been removed from all of the products and replaced with our logo.  A disclaimer on every PCB reads "Originally designed by Olivier Gillet for Mutable Instruments, cc-by-sa".  Basically, what this means is this is no longer a supported product of Mutable Instruments, but rather Laurentide SynthWorks.  It carries a Creative Common's license which allows anyone with the PCB files and code to manufacture them, as long as any changes to the design are also shared under the same license.  Although the license does not require the original designers name/logo be removed from the product, we felt it best to adhere to Mutable Instruments wishes regarding this matter.  They want to distance themselves as far as possible from this product and we ask you, the purchaser, to respect their wishes when it comes time to ask for some troubleshooting guidance.


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