VnIcursal VCA - Full DIY Kit | Zlob Modular

VnIcursal VCA - Full DIY Kit | Zlob Modular

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The VnIcursal VCA is a six channel, 8 HP OTA-based linear VCA.

This is set in the Eurorack format.

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    The VnIcursal VCA is an 8hp 6 Channel VCA Eurorack Module.

    It is the smallest, most compact Voltage Controlled Amplifier in the Eurorack market. It provides 6 OTA(LM13700)-based DC Coupled Linear VCAs for Audio or CV. The 6 VCAs are summed together so it can also be used as a voltage controlled mixer. Each VCA out is normalled to the SUM out so they can be removed from the mix and used on their own, they are not cascaded outputs. The potentiometers control the amount of gain and when a voltage is inserted into the CV in the potentiometers act as attenuators. With a control voltage of 5 volts the VCA will be around unity gain, above 8v can clip the input. LED brightness with or without CV in provides constant feedback of each channels amount of gain.

    The newest VnIcursal version 666 now uses mostly resistor arrays(meaning multiple resistors in one long SIP package) as opposed to 90+ single resistors with v5. Upgrading to resistor arrays greatly simplifies the build and reduces the build time by 30 or 40%. Now the VCA is much more DIY friendly with new detailed build docs and should have less part placement headaches resulting in overall less troubleshooting and problems.

    Version 666 also reduces bleed and cross talk sometimes apparent with version 5.  But keep in mind analog VCAs can only close so much, or be so silent. In certain situations based on power supplies and gain stages the VCA can experience some bleed or noise mainly at the sum out as all channels are passively summed then buffered. Inputs above 1K Hz will experience more bleed than lower frequency signals.

    Also version 666 now comes with all red leds.

    • Width: 8hp
    • Panel Material: PCB
    • Reverse Power Protected
    • Current Consumption: +12v 30 mA, -12v 20mA.
    • Depth: 35mm
    • Ships with M3 black nylon screws
    • Build Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
    • Expandable: no
    More Information
    Brand Zlob Modular
    HP 8
    Depth 35mm
    +12V 30mA
    -12V 20mA
    Additional Resources BUILD GUIDE