116 - Touch Controlled Voltage Source PCB / Panel | La67

116 - Touch Controlled Voltage Source PCB / Panel | La67

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La Sesenta y Siete 116, Is a cross between a 112 and a 114. The best of both touch controllers.

This is a PCB/Panel set in the 4U: Series 100 format. Please note: PCB color and panel print are subject to slight color variation/visual imperfections from unit to unit due to the manufacturing process used. If this is an issue, please reach out before ordering.

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112, as per the original manual is used to initiate timing pulses and control voltages by the users touch.

The La Sesenta y Siete 116 consists of 8 touch-activated, pressure-sensitive keys together with two rows of 16 associated fixed control voltages dials and two control outputs for each row. There is also a third pair of control outputs whose output voltage is proportional to the finger pressures on any key, and a fourth pair of timing pulse outputs. 

The fixed control voltage associated with any key may be determined by the setting on the coresponding dial in either row. Touching a key merely selects one of the control voltages in this case. 

The value of the control voltage at the third pair of control outputs is proportional to the finger pressure on any key. This provides a means of manual dynamic veriation of control voltage. 

The timing pulse output is activated when ever a key is touched. Thus the 112 Touch Controlled Voltage Source may be used manually to initiate a note or series of notes with both predetermined and dynamically variable control voltage parameters.

The 112 also has three independent, touch activated keys, each with a corresponding control voltage output and pulse output. The voltage outputs are particularly useful for controlling gates (110) or mixers (107), and the pulse outputs for initiating attack waveforms (180) or other events.

*touch plate pcb / panel may have minor imperfects due to the difficulty of manufacturing. 

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Brand La Sesenta y Siete
HP 3
Depth 30mm
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