1/n - Patch Programmable Clock Divider | NonLinear Circuits

1/n - Patch Programmable Clock Divider | NonLinear Circuits

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The NonLinear Circuits 1/n is a patch programmable clock divider in Eurorack format. 

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    The NLC 1/n is simply a CMOS 4018 with buffers on all of its inputs and outputs, along with a 4081 to enable further divisions. The divide by is patch-programmable, simply patch whichever number you wish to divide by back into the input and feed it a clock. The other outputs will follow the 1/n at various phase differences depending upon what is going on. You can get quite silly by feeding signals into the J1-J5 inputs (jam) and sending a high signal (anything over 1V) to the preset enable.

    The module can be patched to supply a division of the clock signal. To use patch a gate into CLK and select a desired division from the right side column, patch this into IN. The /4 is pre-patched to the IN jack via internal switching. You can experiment further by patching various signals to J1-J5 (jam), then a signal to send PRE EN (preset enable) high. This will rest the count to whatever jam inputs are high at the time. This is a good way to develop complex gate patterns but is also very interesting at audio rates too. When used at audio rates, the 8 output signals from the right column will all be related to each other but different. It is possible to get many interesting effects using this module as an audio processor.

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