DE-16 – Bristol Bloodhound MK II PCB Panel Set | DJUPVIKS ELEKTRONIK

DE-16 – Bristol Bloodhound MK II PCB Panel Set | DJUPVIKS ELEKTRONIK


A Dual VCO utilty powerhouse capable of being an LFO, Waveshaper, Ring Mod, Feedback loop, and more.

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 This module came out of a personal need to combine punishing noise modules but making it being able to both track 1v per octave as well as do more traditional musical duties besides just ripping things up. I think that the Bristol Bloodhound (in the right hands) is capable of both. The sine core is my own interpretation on the sine oscillator found in the Dreadbox antiphon1 (used with permission) using a 2164 for both generating the sine wave as well as the VCA portion of the module. I added a LFO switch which will turn pull the oscillators down deep so serve as a LFO. The wave mult section is derived from the CGS module with the same name (also used with kind permission from Ken Stone) with only minor adjustment most notably a feedback section for creating harsher dynamics and noise. The oscillator is normalled the wave multiplier via the Wave in jack. The Second Oscillators sine output is normalled to the CV in of the wave mult and vice versa. Inputting an external signal into the Wave in breaks the sine connection but the sine is still present at the Sine output (you can then use the sine portion for lfo duties for example). This makes it possible to use the module for processing other sounds than the onboard oscillator (field recordings, drummachines, other oscillators etc). The Feedback input accepts all kinds of signals, both cv, triggers and gates and audiorate (feel free to experiment). There are two attenuators for feedback and wave cv. Tracking when calibrated should be around 4-5 octaves. MKII also sports dedicated square outputs unaffected by the VCA (for drones etc)  A more thorough demo is available at YouTube. 

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