Looping Delay Full Kit | 4MS

Looping Delay Full Kit | 4MS

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Crystal-clear clock-synced delay for looping up to 90 seconds, echoes, sound-on-sound, Karplus-Strong synthesis, and more.

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- Loop or echo time is synchronized to a clock
- 87 seconds of delay/loop time maximum in mono mode, 43 seconds in stereo mode
- 48kHz/24-bit sampling rate, loop recorded at 16-bit (24-bit optional)
- Extremely quiet, low noise and low jitter design
- Tap tempo button and clock Ping input set the basis for one "beat"
- Delay/loop time set as a number of musical beats (or fractions of beats) using the Time knob, switch, and CV jack
- Sample-accurate clock output for perfect synchronization
- Loop clock output
- Time switches change range of Time knob from 1/8th notes up to 32 bars
- Digital feedback, up to 110%
- Delay Feed control, independent of dry/wet signal mix
- Infinite Hold mode disables recording input and fixes regeneration at exactly 100%
- Reverse mode plays memory contents backwards
- With an infinite loop locked, knobs or CV can "window" around memory, by shifting the loop
- Trigger inputs for toggling Infinite Hold and Reverse
- Send and Return for applying effects to feedback with external modules
- In stereo mode, Send and Return function as Right Channel Audio Out and In
- CV jacks to control Time, Level, Feedback and Dry/Wet Mix

More Information
Brand 4MS
HP 16
Depth 28mm
+12V 125mA
-12V 45mA
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