VnIcursal VCA PCB/Panel

The VnIcursal VCA is a six channel, 8 HP OTA-based linear VCA.

This is a PCB/Panel set set in the Eurorack format.

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The VnIcursal Vca is a 6 channel 8hp ota-based linear vca. the 6 vcas are summed together so it can be used as a mixer too. the 6 outs are normalled to the sum so they can be removed from the mix and used on their own. there are also jumpers on the pcb to select dc or ac coupling for each channel.

+5v will get you get unity gain, anything above that will give you distortion. The vca is capable of around 2x gain.

With the current version the pots become attenuators when cv is present. Also the leds now light up when the gain is turned up(the vca  is open)

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer Zlob Modular
HP 8
Depth 35mm
+12V 50mA
-12V 30mA
+5V No
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Customer Reviews (2)

Amazing VCA, Patience Required.Review by revel8or
I have to second everything posted by isohedra. This is a great VCA. I have version 3 (?) which allows for selectable A/C or D/C coupling. The next version has individually adjustable levels for each channel, but forgoes the selectable coupling. I'm fine with the one that I have as I wanted selectable coupling, however the channel's output levels don't exactly match, and I took time to match as many resistors around the signal flow, and matched the transistors. With this extra time, the output of each channel are actually very small, but still noticeable with a bit of effort. I think that what is now shipping (as of 2017) has adjustable output levels, so it's something the new builder won't have to worry about.

Everything else is redundant when compared to isohedra's review - this is an *incredibly* tight build. You *must* have a fine tipped soldering iron. The component labels on the PCB are very tiny and somewhat misleading as there isn't enough room for clear labeling, so be sure to familiarize yourself with where everything goes before starting *any* soldering.

Once I was finished, I went through the component board (not the jack board) and threaded electrical tape (cut to 1/3 of the width) through several capacitors and resistors to ensure that there would be no shorts. Be sure to think about what to solder first as you will run out of room for your soldering iron if you place larger objects in before the smaller.

Again, this should *not* be your first rodeo. I've been designing circuits as a hobby and building for 23 years - and this is one of the toughest I've tackled. With the proper equipment, SMDs were and are less taxing. I went at this sporadically for a period of a month - interspersing this with physically larger projects that had more components that took less time, overall.

So, this is a great VCA, especially if you use opamps with better specs than the TL series.

This is very much, however, worth the energy. To me, modular is great, DIY is better, but choosing the DIY course isn't about saving money or time, it's about the fun of a challenge and overcoming the mistakes and revelling in the successes.

Good luck! (Posted on 4/29/2017)
Killer VCA, advanced build.Review by isohedra
really great VCA, but this pcb is VERY densely populated.
many resistors quite close to each other, and the value labeling leaves much to be desired.
take your time and really stare at the pcb to discern what value's should be where.
the build guide on the website is ok, there used to be nothing but now it has a picture guide.

the board is so densely populated this build is kind of a pain.
i wouldn't suggest it for someone just starting out.
but if you take your time, it's not that bad and it's a very rewarding build.

(Posted on 8/13/2016)

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