WSYnth FM Ogre PCB/Panel

Timo Rozendal's through-zero FM/PM Oscillator module.

This is a PCB/Panel set in the Eurorack format.

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FM Ogre (FM Operator with GRatuitous Enhancements) - a dsPIC33FJ64GP802 running custom software, to do true FM synth work. The idea is to be able to generate those wonderful clangorous FM sounds that the DX7 of yore could do so well. It's an "operator", not an oscillator, hence it starts with sine waves and Bessel functions and does everything from that. There is no "saw / square / triangle" output (although you can approximate those waves, and many more, via the distortion / self feedback capability.)

Specs: input rate: 41 KHz@12 bits, output 83KHz@16 bits with 256x interpolation, V/octave control from ~1 Hz to 32 KHz. Linear frequency modulation authority: +/- 10KHz at maximum FM index (through-zero, FM index has a separate input channel on the ADC); linear phase control authority +/- 9*pi angle, wavelength matched (phase modulation index is also a separate input from phase mod input). Frequency stability of core: +/-40ppm (crystal controlled). Feedback operator authority:in excess of 8x Hz (through zero as well, of course). Also has hard sync in and out (TTL-level compatible)

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer Timo Rozendal
HP 8
Depth No
+12V No
-12V No
+5V No
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Customer Reviews (2)

Awesome and gritty module of powerReview by Scrubber
Highly recommended DIY build! Super loud and gritty FM sounds and realtime audio processing of any sound!
lots of handy features and great timbres!
Loved this so much I wrote a review ;)
(Posted on 10/4/2017)
This is the Real McCoy.... true Thru-Zero FM and PMReview by WSYnth
Yes, this is a true thru-zero FM operator ("operator" - as it's more than just an oscillator). "Feedback" works just as it should- in the phase domain, not the frequency domain, so unlike a certain other famous TZFM oscillator that can be self-patched with feedback, you get HUGE RICH TONES rather than the oscillator locking up. You can also TZPM and TZFM simultaneously.

It defaults to TZFM of sine waves, just like the DX7 did, but it can take _any_ waveform and realtime TZFM it. So your sampler, your guitar, or even your voice can now be TZFMed

This is an officially approved version; the design (hardware and software) are all GPLed and published, and your cost includes a "beer money" honorarium for the designers.

--- Bill Yerazunis (WSYnth incarnate). (Posted on 11/12/2016)

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