Kotelnikov Full Kit

The SSSR Labs KOTELNIKOV is a digital voltage controlled wavetable oscillator module with morphing feature and built-in transient generator.

This is a full kit in the Eurorack format.

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The SSSR Labs KOTELNIKOV is a digital voltage controlled wavetable oscillator module with morphing feature and built-in transient generator. This oscillator can generate number of sounds with diverse spectral content and combine them in various proportions. Kotelnikov can be used as a usual oscillator in a traditional subtractive synthesizer system, but it is also possible to use it as a complete voice module as it features shaped timbres, envelope generator and amplitude modulation.

Technical highlights

  • The sound engine sampling rate is locked to pitch and varies from 4.2 to 133 kHz, which gives very clear highs and uniform spectral content over the full range.
  • The Pitch resolution is 6 cents and CV input sampling rate is 6 kHz, which gives smooth analogish FM-ready CV response.
  • Analogue Amplitude Modulation input is bipolar, linear, rail-to-rail.

Kotelnikov contains 80 waveforms organized in 4 banks:

  1. DRUID: Collection of Electric Druid VCDO wavetables (used with permission)
  2. ATTACK: Interleaved dark/bright wavetables pairs
  3. HARMONIC: Frequency-relative sinewaves
  4. HD: Selected 12-bit wavetables

The firmware is written in Assembly language to ensure glitch-free operation and maximum working range.

The Transient Generator has 3 modes: AD/AR envelope generator or resettable LFO. Total time range of 0.4µs–10s is divided into 3 subranges. This generator is internally connected with FM and WM inputs, which helps you to achieve fluent, alive sound with no wires at all.



PCB v. 1.2 Note

All kits gathered after August, 2017 are equipped with PCB version 1.2. The version is clearly marked on both boards. This version requires one additional resistor R50 (300R), which limits current at the Gate Input, and the jumper JP2: TG Int. Mod, which controls internal connection between TG Out and FM, WM Inputs. All extra parts are already included to kits, althrough they are not mentioned in the assembly manual.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer SSSRLabs
HP 14
Depth 59mm
+12V 80mA
-12V 50mA
+5V No
Additional Resources Build Guide V1.0 Bill of Materials


Customer Reviews (3)

WOW!Review by chad from delaware
I was an analog purist and then John recommended this. Very versatile voice, VVV. If you are new to soldering, start with some simpler projects but buy this NOW so you have one waiting when your skills are ready. Its not a hard build because the build guide is awesome but there are some things you want experience with going into the project. Visually, I like the looks of it. It becomes so intuitive after using it for a while, that the screen print really doesnt matter. Its very roomy, and laid out well. MUST HAVE VOICE! (Posted on 5/15/2017)
Much more to this than 4 wavetable banks would suggest.Review by Koryo
Some have passed on this stating that "It only has 4 wave tables." Dmitry Shtatnov did his homework and the 4 stock tables that are here are very well thought out. Each table offers a separate feel that has a lot of depth to explore. It really came alive when subtly CVing the wave select. The on-board gate and LFO are a nice additions. Instructions are clear but I didn't like the two different resistor PCB widths. The other, not so hot item, is the front panel. It's very nicely crafted but the hairline printed dividers are far to thin to be graphically effective and the use of the blue spot color could have been used to much greater impact. So overall it looks bland, but that's just the visuals folks. It really does sound fantastic. ...and for the price, it's a must have DIY oscillator. (Posted on 10/13/2016)
This is it.Review by Eric
You don't need sheep. You don't need e350. This is a SOLID wavetable oscillator - super normal build, sounds amazing. Assembly manual is really, really well done - very step by step. (Posted on 8/8/2016)

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