Shruthi Desktop Mono Synth Project

The Shruthi is a hybrid Digital (VCO) / Analog (VCF/VCA) stand alone Monosynth with many analog filter board options. 

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The Shruthi contains two section: a digital section (“control board” or “digital board”), containing the display, main microcontroller, switches and pots ; and an analog section (“filter board”) hosting the VCF, VCA, input mixer and the output stage. Several variants of the filter board are available to provide a broad range of sounds.

Control board

Available filter board info

  • SMR4 mkII -  a solid, Roland-ish, 4-pole filter.
  • LP2+Delay -  the combination of a MS-20 LPF and a low-fi digital delay.
  • 4-Pole Mission - a 4-pole multimode filter inspired by the Oberheim Xpander.
  • Dual SVF - the combination of two multimode 2-pole filters - in series or parallel.
  • Polivoks filter - themed after the famous Russian made Polivoks Synth
  • FX/Digital filter board - a nasty, crunchy, digital LPF/HPF and FX section.
  • Old Crow CS80 Filter board - Old Crow's inturpitation of the CS80 filter.
  • Side Kick - Allows Filter boards to be used stand alone w/o the control board synth engine



Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer Modular Addict
Depth No
+12V No
-12V No
+5V No
Additional Resources Control Board Info
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4-Pole Mission Filter Board Info
Dual SVF Filter Board Info
Polivoks Filter Board Info
Digital/FX Filter Board Info
Old Crow CS80 Filter Board BOM
Side Kick BOM


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