DUAL LPG + MIXER + PRE-AMP | Low-Gain Electronics

DUAL LPG + MIXER + PRE-AMP | Low-Gain Electronics

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Inspired by the input / output section of the 208 music easel...

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    The Dual Sample/Track & Hold + VC Portamento provides very powerful utilities in one module! Each S&H circuit has the ability to switch into a Track and hold where by the incoming signal will pass through
    until the Sample/Hold Gate input is high, where by the signal will hold in it’s current state. The VC Portamento circuit is a classic VC Slew circuit that allows you to smooth out the stepped voltages that can be generated from the S&H’s above. A fun application of the S&H’s is to “bit crush” an incoming modulation source or audio source by clocking the sample input via an external oscillator. Lots of fun to be had with this module!

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