Serge Dual Slopes (DTG) / Extended ADSR PCB/Panel

This 4x4 module combines a Dual Universal Slope Generator mk2 in a slim version with an Extended ADSR.

This is a PCB/Panel set in the 4U format. All SMD parts are pre-placed.

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This 4x4 module combines a Dual Universal Slope Generator mk2 in a slim version with an Extended ADSR. The Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DSG) is probably the most versatile module of a Serge Modular system, incorporating a wide range of functions for both CV and audio. This 2" incarnation is powerful both in the audio range as well as clock and envelope generator. Thanks to the audio inputs, it can also be used as a filter / LPG. The DSG mk2 version has been optimized for audio performance and speed/precision. The left side covers a frequency range up to more than 10kHz. It also offers improved tracking and some temperature compensation.

The Extended ADSR is a complex envelope generator that not only uses the four segment envelope normally encountered in synthesizers, but is designed with extra features such as an initial voltage controllable delay time, voltage control of each segment, switchable slope forms, and a master voltage control. Each segment may be manually set and voltage controlled. In addition to the normal Attach, Decay, Sustain, and Release segments, an Initial Delay time is included. A master 1V/OCT inout allows to control all slope times for effects such as decreasing the entire envelope time as the pitch of an associated oscillator increases - a phenomenon is typical of many acoustic instruments.

Some details of the Random*Source DTG-ADSR module:

  • DSG mk2 ("TimeGen Osc") with improved tracking (up to 4 octaves), temperature compensation, maximum separation between sides, using selected audiophile parts for superior audio performance (up to >10kHz)
  • Serge Extended ADSR (2017 version)
  • New version of ExtADSR: all transistors installed
  • 4x4 format (4U high - this is not Eurorack!)
BOM / Documentation (PDF): Serge "Slopes" Serge ExtADSR 2017

"Slopes / ExtADSR" is available as a DIY (semi-)kit or - upon request - as complete (built) module. The kit contains:

  • Aluminum front panel, 2mm, cnc made and anodized in germany
  • 1 Serge DSG mk2 pcb (SMT including all SMT components)
  • 1 Serge ExtADSR pcb (mostly TH, including some SMT parts)
  • 2 matching panel pcbs

Price: € 280 - Available now -   -


*** This is 4U format - not eurorack! ***

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer RandomSource
Depth No
+12V No
-12V No
+5V No
Additional Resources DTG Build Guide & Bill of Materials Extended ADSR Build Guide & Bill of Materials


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