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LRMSMSLR Mid/Side Encoder PCB/Panel

LRMSMSLR Mid/Side Encoder PCB/Panel


The LRMSMSLR brings the power of mid/side processing to the world of Eurorack.

This is a PCB/Panel set in the Eurorack format.

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The LRMSMSLR brings the power of mid/side processing to the world of Eurorack. Mid/side processing is a powerful tool often utilised in mastering studios; it takes a stereo signal and separates it into the mid and side elements, allowing you to independently process them and then recombine them into a stereo signal.

Used creatively this allows a sound designer to do anything from using two filters with differing responses on a stereo signal without having to perfectly match them for a balanced stereo response, to using a VCA to modulate the stereo width at audio rates to add harmonics to a stereo signal, to techniques which haven't even been invented yet. The outputs are DC coupled so the LRMSMSLR can be used to get a sum and difference from two CV signals to create complex dynamic CV signals from plain old LFOs and envelopes.

LRMSMSLR has two four inputs and four outputs in the following order:

Left & Right signal in 
Mid & Side signal out 
Mid & Side signal in 
Left & Right signal out

The Mid out is half-normalled to the Mid in, as is the Side out to the Side in. This means Left and Right in and out can be patched in, passing the stereo signal through unaltered to the Left and Right outs until the Mid and Side inputs are patched in. This allows you to AB any processing by simply pulling out the jacks on the MS inputs.

The LRMSMSLR uses high quality low noise opamps throughout for studio quality sound.

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Brand WORNG Electronics
HP 4
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R13, R14, R19, R20 - 1k

All other resistors 10k (25x)

All resistors 1/8W footprint

C1, C2 - 47uF Electrolytic

C5, C6, C7, C8 - 22pF

unmarked ceramics - 0.1uF

L1, L2 - Ferrite bead. Can substitute a 10 Ohm 1/4W resistor here

F1, F2 - PTC fuse, 100mA hold 200mA trip

D1, D2 - 1N4001

IC 1-4 NE5532

Sockets are PJ302M


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