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Stroh Bit Station PCB

Stroh Bit Station PCB


Stroh Modular's Bit Station is a digital shift register perfect for noise, random CV and random gates

This is a PCB suitable for multiple formats.

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An eight stage digital shift register based module for generating digital noise, pseudo-random control voltages and gates. There are Linear Feedback, White Noise Sampling, and External Input Sampling modes for getting data into the Shift Register. The control knob adjusts the threshold for the comparator on the input to determine high and low states. There are outputs for White Noise, Digital Noise (bipolar/AC shifted serial output), Unipolar Pulse (data type) Serial Output, and Control Voltage output. The Clock input determines the rate that data is moved through the Shift Register. For Digital Noise applications, clock this module with a VCO at audio rates, and adjust the threshold control to get the desired sound. For pseudo-random CVs, LFO rates are likely the preferred clock rate.
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Brand Stroh Modular / j3rk
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