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Giant B0N0 - PT Delay/ PLL VCO PCB | NonLinear Circuits

Giant B0N0 - PT Delay/ PLL VCO PCB | NonLinear Circuits


A combination Vactrol PiLL and DelayNoMore - PLL, delay & two vactrols - pretty much does what it wants.

This is a PCB only set in the Eurorack format.

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This module has its roots in the NLC DelayNoMore and Vactrol PiLL. It was partly inspired from reading several research articles on chaos in PLL circuits. It seems many PLLs can be chaotic but usually only in narrow windows, so they are usually designed to avoid operating in these regions. Of course the giant B0N0 does the exact opposite and makes matters worse by having a severely overdriven delay chip in its feedback path.

The mix output is comprised of the PLL VCO signal and the delay chip’s main output. VCO output is the raw PLL VCO. PC1 (phase comparator) is a 0-6V square wave, usually at audio rates. PC2 is a lot more sporadic and is best used as a burst generator. Saw out taps the signal on the PLL’s timing capacitor and it runs at approx. double the frequency of the PLL VCO, a pretty dirty filthy sawtooth tho. CV output is ……. a CV; again it is pretty hairy but somewhat representative of whatever the circuit is doing.

Mostly, as the name implies, this module will make a lot of crappy noise and is only controllable in the sense of how crappy it sounds: nutty chunks or liquid baby green. It is fun to ram anything into the input: gates/triggers/CV/audio and see what happens. Sync expects a gate or trigger, but anything is okay. The CV inputs will affect the delay and PLL sub-circuits; the PLL circuit is tuned to 1V per Couric.

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