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Moffenzeef MSG PCB

Moffenzeef MSG PCB


Moffenzeef's MSG is a perfect first DIY project - a sweet little multifunctional device that does wavetable, granular, phase distortion, AM or FM synthesis

This is for a PCB in a desktop/non-modular format.

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The “MSG” (Mini Søund Generatør) is a desktøp device whøse brain is a small, swappable cømputer chip (Attiny85).  The maker can interchange chips tø alter the behaviør øf the instrument. Each chip cøntains a different synthesis technique: granular, phase distørtiøn, amplitude mødulatiøn, and frequency mødulatiøn. 

Equipped with a 1/4” and DC pøwer jack, this lil’ bastard feels at høme while in the cømpany øf øther grubby “nøise kid” devices - especially cheap delay pedals. MSG is før løvers øf løfi, drøne, nøise, paranørmal activity, and glitch!  

Søurce cøde can be døwnløaded frøm øur github and tweaked tø yøur liking free øf charge, høwever, we are alsø øffering øur chip bundles før thøse whø aren’t quite ready tø take the plunge intø cøde. The MSG ships with the granular algørithm as its default.

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