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MFOS Mini Controller PCB

MFOS Mini Controller PCB


The MFOS Mini Controller is a 29 key stylus DIY keyboard PCB with 1V/Oct output - perfect for your DIY modular or Sound Lab Mini Synth.

This is for a PCB only, suitable for multiple formats.
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  • The MFOS Mini-Controller has a twenty nine note stylus keyboard (C - C - C to E)
  • It can be used to play your Sound Lab Mini-Synth or 1V/Oct modular.
  • The MFOS Mini-Controller supports four CV outputs (2 with portamento 2 without portamento) My prototype (shown) only used two.
  • There is one trigger output and one gate output.
  • Just the coolest thing EVER!


  • Rare, rare (did I say rare) mis-sampling that grabs the raw buss voltage. Remember you are jabbing a PC trace with a piece of metal (slightly bouncy). But even so this thing is really a lot of fun to play with.

MFOS Mini-Controller MP3 Samples

Short song using the Mini-Controller.



If you are into the synth hobby scene this is a "must have" you will be playing with this thing into the wee hours of the morning especially if you built a Sound Lab and don't already have a keyboard controller or you are planning on building a Sound Lab. This thing has added a new dimension to the fun I have with my Sound Lab. 

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