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Quantizer LCD PCB | cLee

Quantizer LCD PCB | cLee


This board is an addition to the 8 Channel Quantizer.

This is a PCB and programmed IC suitable for multiple formats - but sized more for 4U.

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Brand Clee

Quantizers take continuously varying voltages and translate them into steps, normally 1/12 volt which can then be used by VCOs to play "in tune"

cLee's goal was to create an updated version of the Serge Quantizer, which he'd always lusted after but never had.

This Quantizer includes 8 independent channels of quantizing which share common SCALE. BANK and HOLD/SAMPLE AND HOLD controls

This quantizer is capable of 24 notes/octave, allowing for quartertone scales.

There are 8 channels of quantizing.

Each channel is independent, but shares the scale and hold/S&H settings.

Scales are arranged in 2 banks of 16 each.

Both bank selection and scale selection are voltage controllable.

Hold/S&H has 2 modes which are switch selected. In hold mode VC will cause the quantizer to hold its outputs regardless of what is at its inputs. In S&H mode a voltage greater than the treshold will cause the Quantizer to sample its inputs, which will then be held until the next time the threshold is passed.

A Trigger pulse is output at PULSE OUT when the S&H is triggered



8 channels of quantized voltages.

A maximum of 240 steps with 0 to 10 volts in, relating to 10 octaves of quarter tones

An LED shows when CHANNEL 1 is outputting the root note voltage of the selected scale.

PULSE OUT outputs a trigger pulse when the S&H is triggered


BANK SELECT: Switch and VC


HOLD voltage control with TRESHOLD pot

HOLD or S&H switch selectable

CHANNEL 8 INPUT GAIN (inverted unity to unity gain)


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Brand Clee

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