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Lunchbeat - 1-bit GrooveBox PCB | Buran Elektrix

Lunchbeat - 1-bit GrooveBox PCB | Buran Elektrix


Lunchbeat is a neg-fi groovemachine with 1-bit sounds.

This is a  PCB only, for standalone format.

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  • four 1-bit sounds, to be played live or sequenced
  • step sequencer with 8 steps
  • clock divider


What is 1-bit sound:

Sound digitally stored in CD quality has 16-bit resolution. 16-bit number can express 2^16 values (65536). It means that audio waveform reconstructed from CD is defined by 65536 separate voltage levels.

1-bit number can have only 2 values: 0 or 1. Because 2^1 = 2. Therefore 1-bit sound can be defined by only two voltage levels – usually some voltage, and no voltage.

So 1-bit signal is simply square wave.

Different sound colours are achieved by modulating frequency and pulse width of this square wave. Lunchbeat generates four 1-bit waveforms at once. How each waveform will sound is determined by four separated algorithms:

  • dropping frequency for bass drum
  • slow noise for snare drum
  • fast noise for hi-hat
  • steady frequency for bass wave

Each algorithm’s input values are influenced with dedicated knob. What parameter and how much is it tweaked by knob is for every algorithm individual, to ensure that the modulation will be interesting and fun :)



Sequencer has 8 steps playing in loop.Tempo is controlled by internal clock or external clock pulses.

Programming the sequencer is easy and intuitive and uses two levels of LEDs brightness. By pressing EDIT button you cycle thru all 8 steps. One bright LED marks current step being edited. Pair of half lited LEDs is indicating enabled sound on current step. Sound is switched on or off by pressing adequate sound button.

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Brand Buran Electrix
HP 10
Depth 20mm
+12V 30mA
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