BMC058 - Yes No Maybe Sequencer PCB & PIC | Barton Musical Circuits

BMC058 - Yes No Maybe Sequencer PCB & PIC | Barton Musical Circuits

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BMC058 Yes,No, Maybe is a probability gate/trigger sequencer that uses 3 position toggle switches to set beats to Yes, No or Maybe.

This is for a PCB only suitable for multiple formats.

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This sequencer outputs an 8 or 16 step pattern. Each step has a toggle that can set the output definitely on (YES), definitely off (NO) or maybe on or off (MAYBE). The probability of an output being on can be controlled with the MAYBE knob and MAYBE CV input. It has three modes: 1 channel 16 steps long with gate and trigger outputs, 2 channels 8 steps long with trigger outputs or 2 channels 8 steps long with gate outputs. 

1.Toggles – There are 16 toggles, each corresponding to a single step of the sequence. When a toggle is pushed to the left (NO), there is no output on that step. When pushed to the right (YES) an output will always fire on that step. When the toggle is centered (MAYBE), the output will sometimes fire with the probability controleld by the MAYBE knob.
2.MAYBE knob – This knob controls the probability of the MAYBE steps firing. When fully counterclockwise no MAYBE steps will fire and when fully clockwise all MAYBE steps will fire.
3.MAYBE CV knob/input – The Maybe CV is attenuated by the CV knob and then mixed with the voltage from the MAYBE knob. A negative voltage inputted will act like turning the MAYBE knob counterclockwise and a positive will act like turning the knob clockwise.
4.Reset Button/input – The Reset button returns the sequence to step one on the next clock input. It is also used for selecting modes at power up, so it's a good idea to not leave something patched to the Reset input when first powering up as it could accidentally cause an accidental mode change.
5.Clock input – This is a clock for the sequencer.
6.Outputs – The two outputs will output a trigger or gate signal with a range of 0 to +5V. The type of output is controlled by what mode the sequencer is in.

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