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Grains - Remixed Clouds | Blue Lantern

Grains - Remixed Clouds | Blue Lantern

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Blue Lantern slimmed down DIY modular remix of Mutable Instruments Clouds
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    Brand Blue Lantern

    Blue Lantern slimmed down remix of Mutable Instruments Clouds. 

    *A note from Blue Lantern " When grains was made, I did not have the 3 leg jacks in stock, they were not available yet. You can still use the 3 leg jacks, just bend the third ground leg side ways and use jumper wire to contact all the grounds. Use the potentiometer side legs, not the 3 main pins, to solder and ground for all those.

    The jacks you can use are:

    PJ-3001F 3.5mm Mono Phone Jack" 

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    Brand Blue Lantern
    HP 12
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