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BatteryAcid PCB | HexInverter Electronique


BatteryACID is a unique voltage controlled analogue distortion module for musical synthesis. It is loosely based on the infamous MXR Distortion Plus guitar pedal which acid house musicians have taken to processing distorted acid basslines and other synthesizer textures through.

This is a PCB only suitable for multiple formats.

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batteryACID is a simple yet elegant distortion module for analogue synthesis. It is based on the infamous MXR Distortion+ and is great for acid basslines and other uses. Try running drums and other timbres through the unit for cool effects! It is very easy to build and is quite forgiving in terms of component selection. It requires only a positive supply voltage. Anything from 5V to 15V will work fine, so it is a great candidate to build into a portable unit and run off of a 9V battery.

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Brand HexInverter Électronique
+12V 25mA
-12V 25mA
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