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BMC035 - Bytewise Operator PCB | Barton Musical Circuits

BMC035 - Bytewise Operator PCB | Barton Musical Circuits


This module takes two voltage inputs and performs either XOR, AND, Summing or Difference operations on the voltages to create an output voltage. This is useful for low frequency waveshaping or altering a sequencer's output temporarily without altering the actual sequence. An expander is available which takes the 10 bits of the output voltage and gives each bit it's own output. This is useful for turning voltages into rhythms.

This is for a PCB (including programmed microcontroller) only suitable for multiple formats.

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The bytewise operator is a microcontroller based synth module that creates a voltage output based on two voltage inputs. The output can be derived by performing one of four operations between the two voltages, XOR, AND, summing and difference. In addition to the voltage output, there is an expander for the module which provides direct access to the individual bits of of the voltage output as gates.

If you're unfamiliar with them, XOR and AND are each logic operations which compare single bits of information. The voltages on the input are converted digitally into binary numbers (a series of 1s and 0s). These operations ignore the actual voltages that these series of 1s and 0s represent and instead only focus on the each individual bit.


  • Input Voltage Attenuator Knobs – One of these is present for X and Y inputs.
  • Voltage Offset Knobs – This offsets the input voltage or acts as a manual voltage for X and Y.
  • Operation Select Switches – These two switches select which operation is performed to find the output voltage. “OS1” selects whether XOR/AND or SUM/DIFFERENCE is selected, and then “OS2” selects which of the two selected by switch one is used.
  • Y Update Denormalization Switch – This is an optional switch to undo the normalized connection to +5V on the Y update input. This allows for the manual Y Update button to be used.
  • Manual Y Update Button – This optional control allows the Y voltage to be updated by pressing a button instead of constantly updating or needing an external gate. By only sporadically updating Y voltage, the X voltage can be tracked at a higher rate, which gives better results when processing fast moving inputs.


  • Voltage Inputs – These are repeated for each X and Y. By adjusting the the Attenuation and Offset controls, these inputs can be of most any typical synthesizer voltage range.
  • Update Inputs – This is repeated for X and Y. When +5V is present at these inputs, the microcontroller reads the respective voltage input. These jacks are normalized to +5V so the module normally reads both inputs at all times.


  • +5V/-5V Output – This outputs is DC coupled with a range of -5V to +5V 2.
  • 5V/0V Output – This output is DC coupled with a range of 0 to +5V

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