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BMC038 - Panel Keyboard PCB | Barton Musical Circuits

BMC038 - Panel Keyboard PCB | Barton Musical Circuits


This is a compact keyboard the size of a synthesizer module. Good for when you only need to hit a few notes and don't want to bring a full size controller with you or if you just need precise control over something being controlled by CV.

This is a PCB only (including programmed microcontroller) suitable for multiple formats.

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This module is a keyboard, only mounted with your other modules in your modular synthesizer rather than in a separate housing. It does this by using a small number of push-buttosn instead of traditional keys. This can be used like a traditional keyboard to play melodies, or it can be used a precision voltage reference for voltage controlled parameters in other modules.


  • Pitch select buttons. There are 12 buttons corresponding to a chromatic scale. They are arranged like a typical keyboard with sharp/flat notes in a seperate row. Whenever two buttons are pressed at the same time, the lower in pitch of the two will be output.
  • Octave select knob. This knob selects which of five octaves the keyboard will output. There are 4 LEDs above the knob which give visual feedback for which octave is active.
  • Slew knob. This knob adjusts the rate of slew/glide/glissando between notes. Fully counterclockwise is no slew at all.


  • CV output. This output goes from 0 to 5VDC in 1/12th volt intervals to corresond to the 1v/octave standard commonly used in synthesizer modules.
  • Trigger output. This is a short pulse output whenever a pitch select button is pressed. It alternates between 0 and 5VDC
  • Gate output. This pulses up whenever a pitch select button is pressed and remains high (5V) until the button is depressed.
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