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Voltage Memory - Programmer / Sequencer Partial Kit | Meng Qi

Voltage Memory - Programmer / Sequencer Partial Kit | Meng Qi


The Voltage Memory module is an 84*6 programmer & CV / Gate Sequencer with playable surface.

This is for a partial kit in the Eurorack format. It includes PCBs, panel, touch sensor, button caps, and Seeeduino.

NOTE: This is for advanced DIY-ers only. Requires SMD construction, the ability to parse a Mouser cart, and some jumpers after the fact. We have confirmed this build, and happy to help.

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Brand Meng Qi

Voltage Memory

84*6 Programmer & CV / Gate Sequencer with multiple modes

easy to play interface + intuitive workflow + deep feature set = essential for any setup

84 page x 6 outputs

manual recall that can be quantized to external triggers

auto mode 1 : sequencer and arp with internal & external clock / hold / reset

  • 1-1 : classic step sequencer that goes between any 2 pages
  • 1-2 : arpeggiator which scroll through the pages in the same order of touch
  • 1-3 : custom step sequencer up to 64 step, pages in any order you want, with realtime touch-to-hold feature
  • 1-4 : 6 track gate sequencer with track mute, perfect for drum

auto mode 2 : pressure

  • 2-1 : 6 pressure outputs
  • 2-2 : 3 step playable sequencer with timing controlled by pressure

auto mode 3 : looper

  • realtime looper with 5s recording time and external reset input

non-volatile memory

just requires positive power supply

Additional Information
More Information
Brand Meng Qi
HP 30
Depth 40 mm
+12V 70mA
Additional Resources Manual Mouser BOM

Mod Help Guide

Button Cap 801-5 from Kefa

All values printed on the PCB.
Mouser cart does not include pots (B10K / 10KB!), or jacks. Both are linked to in "related pcb/panel/parts" tab.
NOTES: Do not populate the RX LED. Run a wire jumper from the RX LED pad nearest R4 to the pad of R4 nearest the RX LED. BAT54 is acceptable in place of BAT52.

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