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River Creative Dendrites Multimode VCF/Phaser Kit

River Creative Dendrites Multimode VCF/Phaser Kit


The River Synths Dendrites is a Multimode VCF/Phaser with discrete OTA core

This is a full kit set in the Eurorack format. Most components have been pre-soldered as SMT parts!

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  • 16 filter/phaser modes (4 LP, 4 BP, 2 HP, 2 phaser, and 4 mixed modes)
  • 3 distinct resonance characters: Q-comp, Vintage, K-style
  • switchable organic sounding overdrive
  • linear and exponential FM
  • CV control over modes, resonance and frequency
  • designed with discrete transistor OTA cores
  • pleasantly saturating input stage with level trim and LED indication
  • envelope and modulation inputs with independent attenuvertors

Design overview

After designing the Nucleus, and receiving high praise for its versatility and sonic character, I felt encouraged to scale up the idea even further. Several directions had been on my mind, the most important one: to open up the filter core for generating a wider range of filter modes.

After exploring more than 50 different filter modes I decided modern musicians aren’t helped by being flooded with options. Instead, I narrowed down to 16 modes that are musically most interesting and versatile. These include 4 low-pass modes (6/12/18/24 dB/oct), 4 band-pass modes, 2 high-pass modes (6/12 dB/oct), and 2 phasers (with single and double notch), and 4 mixed modes. These mixed modes provide low/band/high-pass filters with a subtle phasing effect on top, and I feel these modes form the biggest surprise of the module, musically.

A common problem with multimode filters like this, is that changes in resonance level alter the shape of the filter (gradually making a high-pass more like a band-pass). With Dendrites I found a way of preserving the filter shape in all modes, and thanks to modern components, Dendrites’ filter shapes are more accurate than in any of their vintage predecessors.

Simultaneously, I gained new insights for further improving Dendrites’  switchable resonance character, most importantly the smoothness and phase of high frequencies. This led to a 3-way switch with the following options (see box)

These 3 resonance modes work in all 16 filter modes, and with the addition of a carefully voiced overdrive, there are 96 different combinations to explore! And that’s without even touching the controls for frequency, resonance, input level, or any modulation, such as linear and exponential frequency modulation (FM), envelope modulation, keyboard tracking (1V/Oct) and switching between filter modes.

Additional Information
More Information
Brand River Creative Technology
HP 12
Depth 32mm
+12V 70mA
-12V 65mA
+5V 0mA

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