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Quadlopes Kit

Quadlopes Kit


Noise Reap's Quadlopes is four simple attack & release envelopes.

This DIY Eurorack synth module is a Full Kit in the Eurorack format.

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Brand Noise Reap

The quadlopes is four simple attack & release envelopes. Each envelope can be gated individually and/or simultaneously with the master gate input.

Envelopes will begin the attack phase as soon as there’s a gate present. If the gate outlives the length of the attack then the envelope will “plateau” or enter a sort of sustain stage. When a gate is no longer present then the envelope starts it’s release/decay phase.

Envelopes can be re-gated. If an envelope is halfway through a release and then a gate is re-applied, the attack phase will begin again from wherever release left off. The master gate will re-gate any of the individual envelopes as well.

Any sort of negative gate will be ignored; audio/LFO signals will be chopped in half. Gates don’t necessarily need to be square shaped though, and the rule of [(input voltage x 1.6) = output envelope] applies just as well to different gate shapes (triangle, saw, etc). Therefore gate shape will have an impact on the envelope shape.

Triggers will not do much. They’re basically a fast gate and unless the attack and decay are already super quick then the envelope will not have sufficient time to develop.

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Brand Noise Reap
HP 8
+12V 25mA
-12V 8mA
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