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MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF Full Kit - North Coast Synthesis

MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF Full Kit - North Coast Synthesis


The North Coast Synthesis MSK 007 Leapfrog is new and different Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF), with a sound all its own.

This is for a Full Kit in the eurorack format. 

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The North Coast Synthesis MSK 007 Leapfrog is new and different, with a sound all its own. The fifth-order "leapfrog" core topology, with five integrators and multiple feedback loops, originates in scientific work more recent than the 1960s and as far as we know never before available in a modular synth VCF. The near-elliptic response curve has an extremely sharp cutoff, with ripple in the passband and nulls in the stopband at frequencies chosen to be musically relevant.

Sweep the cutoff and hear each harmonic pop into existence and wobble around before the next one arrives. Choose a timbre, and the temperature compensated volt per octave tracking will keep it consistent across the frequency range. Change it up with exponential and linear frequency modulation. There's even a built-in VCA, because you can never have too many VCAs.

The MSK 007 is available as a pre-built 16HP Eurorack module or a DIY kit. It's the perfect gift for Grandma or any other electronic musician in your life.

  • High-quality potentiometers with bushings fastened to the panel for wobble-free operation; conductive plastic for smooth feel; rated for one million operations lifespan (compare to fifteen thousand or less for typical cheap pots)
  • All-new design, not a clone or imitation of anything else
  • Ultra-sharp five-pole near-elliptic low-pass response, 61dB/octave at the least steep part of the main cutoff slope, with peaks and nulls at musically relevant frequencies
  • Built-in VCA switchable to feedback or output modes from the front panel - no jumpers
  • Temperature compensated V/octave tracking
  • Through-hole for easy hand construction and maintenance
  • Connectors between boards, and panel controls mounted on a board - no flying wires
  • No compromises on build quality: real aluminum panel, not PCB material, with colour printing; panel screwed solidly to both the PCBs and the pots and jacks, for maximum ruggedness; nickel and gold plating on the circuit boards; polystyrene integrator capacitors; close-tolerance metal film fixed resistors; multiturn trimmers.
  • Fully open design - no lock-in


  • 16HP Eurorack synthesizer module, 58mm deep including mated power cable.
  • Maximum current requirements in normal use: 70mA +12V, 65mA -12V. Reverse-connection protected.
  • Build difficulty: intermediate to advanced, because of the number of parts and adjustment steps. All through-hole. Multimeter and dual-trace digital oscilloscope are recommended for adjustment, with other options possible.


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Brand North Coast Synthesis
HP 16
Depth 58mm
+12V 70mA
-12V 65mA
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