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Joystick - Full Kit | Horstronic

Joystick - Full Kit | Horstronic


Horstronic's Joystick is a compact two axis attenuverting Eurorack DIY joystick module.

This is for a full kit in the Eurorack format.

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Brand Horstronic

This is a full DIY Kit to build a Horstronic 14hp Joystick module.

The joystick can output X and Y axes of CV, so can control two different CVs at once. It can either be used to scale/offset/attenuate incoming signals OR to generate control voltages without any input purely on the position of the Joystick.

The joystick is sprung so it always returns to centre, but this can be removed so the stick stays stationary and holds it’s position.

It not only has a CV output per channel but also an input. Depending on the position of the unipolar/bipolar switch (labelled + and +/-) you can use the joystick to alter the signal from nothing to full on in + mode or from inverted to 0 (in middle position) to full on in +/- mode.  Both channels also have an offset and a scale potentiometer which gives you the ability to offset the signal from -5V to +5V or scale it from inverted to full on before going through the joystick.

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Brand Horstronic
HP 14
Depth 32mm
+12V 28mA
-12V 28mA
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