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Thermo Nuclear Tube Distortion | Frequency Central

Thermo Nuclear Tube Distortion | Frequency Central


A high gain sub-miniature vacuum tube based overdrive

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ThermoNuclear is a sub-miniature vacuum tube based overdrive. The first stage is a MOSFET with switchable mu-amp. The second stage is a self biased sub-miniature pentode with switchable triode/pentode. Then there’s a tonestack based on the EH Big Muff. Finally, there’s a blend control and another MOSFET stage for some gain recovery after the tonestack. ThermoNuclear will crush and destroy your tone with a pleasing warm tubey goodness.

Although the filament of the tube will glow, it’s not a lightbulb, and the level of glow may vary between different tubes.

about the LEDs

There are 3 LEDs in this design:

  • The two on the main PCB are being used for their diodic properties to protect the MOSFETs. Whether they light up or not is irrelevant (they might, just a tiny bit).
  • The third LED on the sockets PCB is used to bias the tube’s cathode. This has the same effect as a bias resistor with a perfect bypass capacitor. The LED will slowly come on as the valve warms up.


Q: Is this a Valvecaster/Safety Valve variant? 

A: Ha! In as much as you are a fish variant. No!

Q: Is the tube fragile?

A: Physically, yes – don’t drop it. Electronically the tube is as strong as a great mountain range which has stood for millions of years against wind, weather, war, plague, pestilence, famine and fascism.

Additional Information
More Information
Brand Frequency Central
HP 4
Depth 39mm
+12V 175mA
-12V 4mA
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