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ES11 - Triple Comparator Full Kit | Elby

ES11 - Triple Comparator Full Kit | Elby


Elby Design's take on a Serge Triple Comparator & Schmitt Trigger.

This is a full kit in the Eurorack format.

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Brand Elby Designs

The ES11 - TRIPLE COMPARATOR and Schmitt Trigger module provides several often useful house-keeping functions with in your system:

  • Logical Decisions: If the + input is greater than the – input, the output will be high. If not, then the output will be low.
  • Level Detection: A pulse will be generated whenever an input voltage reaches a pre-set threshold. For example, whan an evelope detector reaches a certain loudness level, it can be used with an ES11 Comparator to generate a pulse to activate or de-activate other events programmed within the synthesiser
  • Voltage variable pulse width modulation of any oscillator input.
  • `Squaring’ audio signals, whereby frequency related pulses are derived from an input signal. These pulses can be used for frequency sub-division, or as raw audio, rich in harmonic content.

In addition to the +/- inputs, each of the Comparators include a front-panel knob to manually set a threshold.

The module also contains a single, non-adjustable, Schmitt Trigger. This is similar to the Comparator except that it has been optimised for squaring up audio signals. The Schmitt Trigger is a single-input comparator with hysteresis. Hysteresis means that the switching thresholds are different for an input signal depending upon whether the signal is going up or down. This feature can be used with an envelope and VCA fucntioning as a noise gate to reject low-level background noise in audio applications.

The Schmitt Trigger can also be used for level detection.

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Brand Elby Designs
HP 17
Depth 45mm
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