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CGS734 - ASR Full Kit | Elby

CGS734 - ASR Full Kit | Elby


The CGS734 ASR module is an analog control voltage shift register.

This DIY synth is a full kit in the Eurorack format.

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Brand Elby Designs

The CGS734 is an analog control voltage shift register, three stages in length. It duplicates the functionality of the Serge ASR, but goes about it in a very different way.

It is great for producing "arabesque-like" sequences, trills etc., when used with VCOs. Of course it's use is not limited to VCOs only.

Unlike ASRs produced using "bucket brigade" techniques, the CV outputs are constant from the beginning of the cycle to the end - there is no "charge period" in which a brief glide is heard.

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Brand Elby Designs
HP 4
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