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Attenumixer [Rev 3] - Full DIY Kit | Zlob Modular

Attenumixer [Rev 3] - Full DIY Kit | Zlob Modular


The Zlob Modular Attenumixer is a three channel passive attenuator with a sum.

This is a full kit set in the Eurorack format.

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Brand Zlob Modular

The Attenumixer is a 4hp 3 channel Passive Attenuator and Mixer Eurorack Module available as a Eurorack DIY Kit, PCB and Panel, or Built Module.

Each channel is normalled to the sum(VI) so it can be used as a 2 channel mixer and 1 channel attenuator, or a 3 channel mixer, or as 3 separate attenuators. Normalization to the sum is broken by inserting a jack into the outs of channels I-III. The Attenumixer works well with both cv and audio, although the potentiometers have a linear response. Since the module is passive there will be signal loss at the sum out.

The module comes with a double sided panel one side is classic with the traditional graphics and the reverse side is soulless with no graphics, only text.

  • Width: 4hp
  • Panel Material: PCB dual sided Classic/Soulless
  • Current Consumption: 0mA
  • Depth:
  • Ships with M3 black nylon screws
  • Build Difficulty: Beginner
  • Expandable: no

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Brand Zlob Modular
HP 4
+12V 0mA
-12V 0mA
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