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Algorhythm - Full Kit | Grayscale

Algorhythm - Full Kit | Grayscale


Grayscale Algorhythm is an 8 step trigger sequencer for the Eurorack DIY. Quick and Easy Build!

This is a full kit set in the Eurorack format.

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Brand Grayscale

Algorhythm is an 8-step trigger sequencer. Modules can be linked to create longer patterns. Illuminated switches provide control over looped and one-shot playback, sequential and random modes, and gate/trig output for the pattern. Loop length, pattern length, and gate/trig status can be modified during playback. All settings are automatically saved in memory and restored at startup.

This is a DIY kit for the Algorhythm. The kit includes everything needed to build the module. Assembly involves soldering through-hole parts only. All SMD components have already been installed on a tested subassembly (no SMD soldering is required).

Algorhythm modules shipped during spring 2017 and later have a new alternate firmware that provides 8 simultaneous channels. See the documentation on Github for details.


  • 12 pulse outputs, 4 pulse inputs
  • 8 steps per module
  • Modules can be linked for longer patterns
  • Sequential and random modes (per module) with CV control
  • Programmable loop length and pattern length (per module)
  • Programmable gate/trig across nine independent outputs
  • Linked clock distribution to minimize cross-patching


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Brand Grayscale
HP 12
Depth 46mm
+12V 100mA
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