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0HP AND Gate / VCA Kit

0HP AND Gate / VCA Kit


The Mystic Circuits 0HP VCA/GATE kit a passive VCA/AND gate module in standalone utility.

This is a complete kit in Standalone format.

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The 0HP AND Gate/ VCA acts like a faucet: When a high control voltage is present, the input is allowed to flow to the output. When there is a low control voltage, the flow is restricted and nothing is present at the output.  Using a high speed optocoupler, the module accepts audio at all inputs so audio-rate amplitude modulation is possible for pseudo-ring modulation effects.  When used with gates at both the input and the CV input, the module acts as a logical AND gate (an AND gate outputs a high voltage when both of the inputs are high.)  A built in trigger converter outputs spike whenever the main output transitions from low to high.

*Acrylic plates vary in color

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