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106 Chorus - PCB/Panel | Feedback Modules

106 Chorus - PCB/Panel | Feedback Modules


The 106 Chorus is an accurate recreation in Eurorack format of one of the most sought after choruses - the Juno 106 Chorus now available in DIY Eurorack.

This is a PCB/Panel set suitable for the Eurorack format

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Brand Feedback

An accurate reproduction of the Juno 106 Chorus from Feedback - for the Eurorack DIY scene.  Requires a couple rare parts - not included, so take a look at the build docs!

-mono analog input 
-input level pot for optimal signal 
-stereo analog output (L + R) 
-bypass switch (ON / BYPASS) 
-chorus mode switch (MODE1 / MODE2) 

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Brand Feedback
HP 6
Depth 117mm
+12V 24mA
-12V 24mA
+5V 0mA
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