Omiindustriies 4013 PCB/Panel

The 4013 is Dual Digital Data Storage (Dual Flip-Flop) in eurorack format!

This is a PCB/Panel set in the Eurorack format.

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The DIY version of the Omiindustriies 4013 Eurorack module. It's Dual Digital Data Storage in eurorack format!

A little info on the 4013 series digital logic IC: 

"The 4013 device consists of two identical, independent data-type flip-flops. Each flip-flop has independent data, set, reset, and clock inputs and Q and Q outputs. These devices can be used for shift register applications, and, by connecting Q output to the data input, for counter and toggle applications. The logic level present at the D input is transferred to the Q output during the positive-going transition of the clock pulse. Setting or resetting is independent of the clock and is accomplished by a high level on the set or reset line, respectively"

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer omiindustriies
HP 8
Depth 22mm
+12V No
-12V No
+5V No
Additional Resources Schematic


Customer Reviews (1)

I'm A Sucker For Logic Modules ! ! !Review by Mr. Mojo Risin'
I had one professor during my EET studies who spent three weeks of a Digital Microcircuits course explaining the logic of JK Flip-Flops. After three weeks, the only person in the class who _REALLY_ understood how it worked was the professor :^)

I feel like I'm back in school trying to wrap my head around this one. I've played around with it for only 24 hours so I can't provide any detailed insight. What I _do_ know is that it's an amazing module for creating random, glitchy behavior. Using it with my Noise Reap VFD+ produces some amazing psychedelic cacophony and SciFi turbulence I've never heard before. This one is a definite keeper!

Build Notes:
1) I _REALLY_ like the PCB the designer used for this one!!! The solder pads are very large and because of that, it was the easiest SMT module I've built to date. Like all PCB's with four-point-cross GROUND pads, you will want to turn up the soldering iron to a higher setting when soldering any GROUND pads

2) The holes in the panel for 3mm LED's are better suited for 2mm LED's. If you use 3mm LED's, they will be recessed. Not really a major issue unless you like to have your LED's stick out the front panel. I used Tayda 3mm super bright LED's and replaced all twelve 4.7K resistors with 10K resistors (BLUE/WHITE/UV/RED/GREEN/ORANGE). The six different colors makes a mesmerizing lightshow when it's poppin'

3) The PCB silkscreen shows values and IC part#'s for easy placement of all components except R1. I had to pause in the middle of soldering and find a schematic to determine that R1 = 47 Ohms

4) The part count is small (less than 60 SMT) and all components are priced low, low, low. The most expensive component was the TL074IDR IC at 82ยข each... only three are needed (Posted on 10/8/2017)

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