Suiseki Phase Shifter PCB/Panel

The Suiseki is Old Crow's 4HP eurorack version of the famous Small Stone phase shifter from the mid-1970s.

This DIY Eurorack module is a PCB/Panel in the Eurorack format.

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The Suiseki is Old Crow's 4HP eurorack version of the famous Small Stone phase shifter from the mid-1970s.  From Pink Floyd to Jean-Michel Jarre, this is the sound of those string pads of days gone by.  The Suiseki uses a common part list, replacing  the CA3094s in favor of widely available LM13600 or LM13700 ICs.  The front panel is black FR-4 material and mounts nicely in just about any cabinet or skiff. Note: this is a bare-board set.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer Old Crow Modular
HP 4
Depth 51mm
+12V 40mA
-12V 40mA
+5V No
Additional Resources BOM + Build Guide


Customer Reviews (1)

Very Rich Phase Effects At A Very Low Cost!!!Review by Mr_Mojo_Risin'
The sounds this Phase effect can produce are very rich and lush. Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd are hovering nearby when this one is active. Immediately after building this one and hearing it, I ordered a 2nd one to use for stereo effects and/or additional CV's.

All components were inexpensive and simple to source (total was under $24). This build was quite easy. There was only one oddball resistor value I did not have in my parts kit (30K) which I sourced from Tayda. This is an inexpensive and feature packed effects module in a small 4HP space. At this low price you should get a pair ;^)

My Build Notes (for the through hole PCB silkscreened "Dec 2016". Note: There is also a new SMD PCB version)

1) I recommend mounting the 10K trimpot (R27) onto the component side of the PCB. I have no idea why the silkscreen for this component is printed on the back or why it's even mentioned as an option in the Build Docs. If you mount it on the back, it seems impossible to install or remove the module from the case!?!? Calibration is a breeze. While turning the trimmer, just listen to how "full" you want it to sound

2) I modified some standard 9mm Alpha pots by carefully bending the three pins straight which effectively turns them into right angle mounted pots

3) I opted to use standard 3.5mm jacks and not the ones on the BOM. With a little manipulation and some hookup wire, the Tip and Ring connectors can be wired to the PCB. The ground pin is then soldered directly onto the PCB for stability

4) As noted in the Build Docs, it is also possible to change this module over to have a "Uni-Vibe" effect. If you plan to do this, you might want to socket the capacitors at C13, C14, C23 and C24. A toggle switch or some jumpers would have been a nice addition but unfortunately... there's no room

5) The 3mm RedOrange/Green Dual-Color LED I used was Lite-On P/N: LTL-10CHJ

6) Except for the Dual-Color LED, I found everything at Modular Addict and Tayda. Using the standard 3.5mm jacks and Alpha pots I already had in my parts kit saved me some extra $$$ (Posted on 6/20/2018)

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