Mutated: Peaks

Mutated: Peaks - This DIY Links PCB is a dual trigger to awesome converter: LFO's, drums, ADSR, and more with custom firmware.

This is a PCB set in the Eurorack format.

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Peaks is a compact two-channel trigger to signal converter - taking trigger/gate messages as inputs and responding by interesting audio or CV signals:

  • ADSR envelope, with A, D, S, R control.
  • LFO with frequency, waveform (square, triangle, sine, stepped, S&H), shape/asymmetry and phase controls.
  • Tap-LFO with amplitude, waveform, shape/asymmetry and phase controls. Frequency is locked to the rate of the incoming trigger signal or to the tapping of the front-panel button.
  • 808-style kick and snare generator with frequency, decay, tone and snappy controls.

Peaks can work either in a partly-coupled "twin" mode in which the two channels share identical parameters but are triggered independently (useful for building duophonic patches), or in a totally independent "dual" mode in which you can independently control their two most important characteristics (A, D for envelope; frequency/waveform for LFO; waveform/shape for Tap-LFO; decay and tone for 808 sound generation). If you are willing to lose "one knob per function" control, the two channels can also be fully, and independently, be modified.

Peaks comes loaded with 4 surprise gate/CV processing features.


NOTE:  All Mutated modules are designed by Olivier Gillet, and are CC-BY-SA.  

Ground rules:

  • Do NOT ask on the mutable forums or email Mutable Instruments for help.  There is literally ZERO support offered from those channels - don't be an ass.  A number of Facebook groups exist to help with DIY builds, and we're happy to help as well.
  • Do NOT (re)sell these, passing them off as factory modules.  Seriously - don't be an ass.
  • Do NOT be totally scared of SMT.  If you haven't done it before, it's off-putting, we get it - but give yourself a chance.  Learn something.  That's what (we think) DIY is all about.  We're keeping the prices on these low enough that you can afford to try and fail!
  • DO have a ton of fun building them, and use them to create awesome sounds.  Then go buy a Mutable Instruments module and SUPPORT Olivier's designs, directly.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

100 Modular Addict
Depth No
+12V No
-12V No
+5V No
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Customer Reviews (2)

Good for starters.Review by DennisL
I think this one is a good choose if you wanna start 0603 solder with a ARM MCU Chip.

Easy and quick to build. (Posted on 2/12/2018)
great module but you may want to just buy it builtReview by O.Z.
I have successfully built this module. A couple of takeaways from the experience:
nice module - very flexible, great sounding drums (bass & kick).
change the qty to 10 for Resistors & Caps. they are sometimes cheaper for 10 than 3!

I spent 8-10 hours constructing and another 5 or so hours debugging/testing.

the most time consuming things were
1) rework when I added too much solder to the pins on the CPU & DAC
2) I tried to use a .hex file that someone provided already compiled (not an alternate firmware but the MI code compiled). It did not work (probably was an older version). What did work was - just using the bootloader .hex file (which was did not change). I got the wave file for the v1.1 of the firmware from the MI site - bingo.
3) in retrospect 15 hours was a lot of time to devote to saving just over $100. Of course the experience was invaluable.

(p.s. the Clouds implementation was a different story ... I still don't have it fully working).
(Posted on 9/25/2017)

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