BMC033 - Barton 4046 Shaper

The Barton Musical Circuits BMC033 4046 Shaper is an all analog DIY synthesizer module used to create new timbres and waveforms from your existing VCOs.

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The 4046 Wave Shaper takes an input frequency, and then multiplies it to X8, X4, X2, X1 and then divides it to /2, /4, /8. This multiples and divisions of the frequency are then mixed together to create a new timbre.  It has the following controls and I/O:

  • Mix pots – There is a potentiometer for each multiple and division of frequency. When one of the knobs is turned fully clockwise, the output will be approximately +/-5v.
  • Slew Toggle – This toggle changes the capacitor used in the filter of the phased lock loop. When using a larger capacitor, tuning is more stable (especially at low frequencies), but the tracking of notes will be slower.
  • Input Jack – The output of a VCO should be input here.
  • Output – The mixed frequencies are outputted here. This can be greater than +/-5V, depending on how the knobs are set.


Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer Barton
Depth No
+12V No
-12V No
+5V No
Additional Resources Build Guide


Customer Reviews (1)

I am really enjoying the sounds this one can produce! Review by Mr_Mojo_Risin'
I wish I had discovered the Barton DIY PCB's and Panels a long time ago. Their DIY modules are some incredible value priced gadgets. The 4046 Waveshaper is no exception.

The demo video made by Barton is OK but... I encourage you to watch this one made by MidiverseTV instead. It gets into some better sound details and shows the output on an oscilloscope

I was able to easily source all the components from Tayda at a minimal cost of only $8 for _everything_. The PCB is very well made and easy to solder. The build guide is easy to follow and there are no surprises. As usual, the panel made by Oscillosaurus looks fantastic.

The things I would have changed with my build is to add sockets for the 1uF and 10uF electrolytic caps (Slew Control) and also for the 10K resistor. The build guide mentions you can substitute different sizes at the 10K resistor location and I think it would also be interesting to alter the two electrolytic caps for experimentation. (Posted on 5/31/2018)

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