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BMC033 - 4046 Shaper PCB | Barton Musical Circuits

BMC033 - 4046 Shaper PCB | Barton Musical Circuits


This is an all analog synthesizer module used to create new timbres and waveforms with your existing VCOs.

This is a PCB only suitable for multiple formats.

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The 4046 Wave Shaper takes an input frequency, and then multiplies it to X8, X4, X2, X1 and then divides it to /2, /4, /8. This multiples and divisions of the frequency are then mixed together to create a new timbre.  It has the following controls and I/O:

  • Mix pots – There is a potentiometer for each multiple and division of frequency. When one of the knobs is turned fully clockwise, the output will be approximately +/-5v.
  • Slew Toggle – This toggle changes the capacitor used in the filter of the phased lock loop. When using a larger capacitor, tuning is more stable (especially at low frequencies), but the tracking of notes will be slower.
  • Input Jack – The output of a VCO should be input here.
  • Output – The mixed frequencies are outputted here. This can be greater than +/-5V, depending on how the knobs are set.


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