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Baby 8 Sequencer PCB/Panel

Baby 8 Sequencer PCB/Panel


A simple 8 stage sequencer, based on a single IC.

This is a PCB/Panel set suitable for the Eurorack format.

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Brand TAT

The baby-8 sequencer is based on a straightforward implementation of the CD4017 decade counter. This is a counter/divider that takes an incoming voltage and sequentially outputs it through 10 successive outputs. Introducing a potentiometer after each output allows for attenuating the level of voltage that is allowed to pass. Using diodes, the outputs are summed into one output. To run, the CD4017 needs a timing signal on it's clock input to advance to each successive step. This can be a clock signal from a drum machine, a trigger or gate signal, or an LFO pulse. Since the CD4017 features a reset input that forces the circuit to go back to step one, it can be wired to run at any number of steps between 1 and 10. The baby 8 is hardwired to reset after step 8, hence the name. This can be overridden using the external reset input. If not signal ispassed into a wired reset input, it will run thru 10 steps. The last two steps are not visible or adjustable, however. The CV output can be used to set the frequency of an oscillator, a filter, or any device that allows for CV control.

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Brand TAT
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