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Sampling Modulator Full Kit

Sampling Modulator Full Kit


The Sampling Modulator is a multi-function module: it's something between a VCO, a Sample & Hold and an eight step trigger sequencer.

This is for a full kit in the Eurorack format.

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Brand Befaco

The Sampling Modulator is a multi-function module: it's something between a VCO, a Sample & Hold and an eight step trigger sequencer.

It can work as:

Sequencer clocked Sample and Hold

In this mode it is like a regular sample and hold, but since it is “sequencer clocked” it makes more interesting patterns than the usual S&H melodies because they can have more repetition. The clock in can work in two ways: Clock and Sync. Clock is just a typical clock and Sync is a “positive going hard sync” so you can create shuffling and poly-rhythmic FX with it. Also, the hold In is useful to keep some notes on.

Analog down sampling effect

In this mode (with the clock running at audio rates) you can go from nasty and harsh sampling rate reduction to an almost clean signal. (the clock runs up to 25Khz without external CV and up to 200Khz with CV on the input)

Sampling Modulator (or maybe it's better to call it a "sampling shaper")

Due to the V/Oct clock, you can feed the IN with a simple wave shape like a sine, and later send pitch CV to that VCO and to the Sampling Modulator CV In, so the two frequencies are related to each other and the aliasing created by the sampling rate reduction is also related to that frequency creating lots of clangorous metallic sound, 8 bit textures and much more. The game became much more interesting when you begin to destroy the wave by turning on and off the switches of the sequencer. (sometimes it sound like three VCOs at the same time…) To understand this mode, keep in mind it has a temperature compensated ramp core VCO with more than 4 octaves tracking, so the timbre keeps the same when you move through different notes because the internal and external VCOs are moving together in something like a “frequency related sampling rate modulation”

8 step Trigger Sequencer

Just a regular utility trig generator, useful also as clock divider. The switches have three position. On, Off and Reset (reset to the first step for non 4/4 signatures)

Unusual V/Oct VCO

You can use the trigger outs like a pulse VCO but when you switch on and off the switches timbre changes a lot

A surprising Swiss knife in just 8HP!

Additional Information
More Information
Brand Befaco
HP 8
Depth 47mm
+12V 48mA
-12V 18mA
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