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BMC045 - Programmable Router PCB | Barton Musical Circuits

BMC045 - Programmable Router PCB | Barton Musical Circuits


This module is a PIC based 4x4 patching matrix. The four inputs on the bottom are routed to the four outputs on the right, and the routing pattern is controlled by the pushbuttons. Patterns are saved to one of sixteen memory bank slots which are selected with the knob on the lower left, these are saved and loaded using the pushbuttons.

This is a two PCB set only (including programmed PIC) suitable for multiple formats.

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This is a micro-controller based synth module that is used in to route signals. Pushbuttons are used to select which output (rows designated by letters A through D) an input (columns designated by numbers 1 through 4) is routed to. LEDs indicate the chosen routing pattern. The routes can be saved and loaded with the micro-controller. A knob selects which of sixteen banks a routing pattern will be saved to or loaded from. There are LED indicators showing which of the sixteen banks is selected.

Switching Logic

The router has three different modes of switching rules.

  • Single Input-Many Output (SIMO) – This is the default rule set. A single input can be routed to many different outputs. This helps protect modules from having their output circuits connected and causing possible damage.
  • Single Input- Single Output (SISO) – This rule set sets it so that one input will only go to a single output. It also sets it so that each output is always routed to an input, so selecting a route for one channel will affect the route of another.
  • Many Input- Many Output (MIMO)– Multiple inputs can be routed to the same output and multiple outputs can be routed to the same input. Most modules are not designed to have their outputs sent to the outputs of other modules, and this can cause problems. You have been warned.

Selecting which rule set to use is simple. With the unit powered on, move the knob until the LEDs are in the correct position for the ruleset (see below). Then power the unit off, wait 30 seconds, then hold down the “Save” push button while powering the unit back on. It should now be in the correct rule set. Changing rule sets will erase your saved patterns, as the patterns of one rule set will be invalid with another rule set.

  • SIMO – to select, make it so neither the white or blue LED is on.
  • SISO – to select, make it so the blue LED is on, but the white is off.
  • MIMO – to select, make it so the white LED is on, but the blue is off.


  • Inputs for Routing – These are the inputs that are routed to outputs. These can be any signal produced by your modular synthesizer.
  • Load Trigger – A trigger or gate signal input here will cause the module to load the pattern saved to the selected memory bank.
  • Select CV – A control voltage input here will select which memory bank to be saved/loaded to. The micro-controller only responds to voltages between 0 and +5V, so keep that in mind when selecting


  • Outputs from routing – These are the outputs that are routed from the inputs.


  • Routing pushbutton – These sixteen pushbuttons select which input is routed to which output.
  • Save Button – This saves the current pattern to the selected memory bank. It is also used in selecting rule sets for switching.
  • Load Button – This loads the currently selected memory bank.
  • Select Knob – This selects which memory bank is loaded from or saved to.


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