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KLIK - 16-Step Sequencer PCB/Panel | Antumbra

KLIK - 16-Step Sequencer PCB/Panel | Antumbra


A 4hp, 16-step, Multi-Mode Trigger Sequencer including a Euclidean mode. 

This is a  PCB and Panel only, for Eurorack format Modular

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Brand Antumbra

The Antumbra KLIK is an action-packed multi-mode 16 step trigger sequencer stuffed into a 4 hp module. The different playback modes include Forward • Backward • Pendulum • Random, There is also a dedicated Euclidean mode, Added bonus, the KLIK can bechained! Check the manual linked below for more information. 

Additional Information
More Information
Brand Antumbra
HP 3
Depth 40mm
+12V 100mA
Additional Resources Manual
V2153M Datasheet

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