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Radio Music - Sample Player Kit | Music Thing Modular

Radio Music - Sample Player Kit | Music Thing Modular


Radio Music is a virtual radio module for Eurorack. This is not a radio, but a sample player.

This is a full kit set in the Eurorack format. These are Thonk created kits - now available from within the US!

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This is not a radio. It is a sample player that behaves like a radio.

It's a digital way to simulate radio-powered compositions by John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Don Buchla's voltage-controlled radio experiments. It uses a teensy3.1 to play files from a SD card to simulate a voltage controlled AM/FM/Shortwave/Time Travel radio.

These kits are put together and graciously supplied to us by Thonk - you can now get the same Thonk quality kits you're used to now shipping from within the US!

Music Thing Modular Radio Music Prototype from Tom Whitwell on Vimeo.

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Brand Music Thing Modular
HP 4
Depth 40mm
+12V 60mA
-12V 8mA
+5V 0mA
Additional Resources Build Guide
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