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Entropy - S&H/T PCB/Panel | Zlob Modular

Entropy - S&H/T PCB/Panel | Zlob Modular


The Zlob Modular Entropy is a 2HP Sample & Hold.

This is a PCB/Panel set in the Eurorack format. This PCB/Panel set includes both a 2HP and 3HP panel in the event your build doesn't quite fit into the 2HP envelope.

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Brand Zlob Modular

Entropy is a DIY Eurorack sample and hold with white noise normalled to the input. and a pcb trimmer to adjust the spread(gain) of voltages out. All analog white, pink, and brown(red) noise is 10vpp~(dependent on white gain trim), and a smooth(infra red) random CV out 0-5v range, although offset can be tweaked with pcb trimmer.  A 3HP panel is included if the 2HP build is too tight!

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Brand Zlob Modular
HP 2
+12V 0mA
-12V 0mA
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