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BMC020 - 1Song PCB | Barton Musical Circuits

BMC020 - 1Song PCB | Barton Musical Circuits


1Song is a simple, microcontroller centered synthesizer module for generative (self-composing) music. It both composes the melodies and produces the audio itself, requiring no other modules to make music, but it also features inputs and outputs for timing which help it integrate with other modules in a modular synthesizer system. It can also be built in a stompbox style enclosure without these inputs and outputs and act as a standalone music producer, powered from a 9V battery or power adaptor.

This is for a PCB (including programmed microcontroller) only suitable for multiple formats.

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The melodies that "1 Song" produces are not traditional melodies produced from a diatonic scale and using duple or triple meter for rhythms. Instead, it composes by using algorhythms to produce semi-random numbers, and uses these numbers for it's pitch and length a note is held. Notes are held anywhere from 1 to 16 beats, and there are a total of 64 different notes which can be played. The notes are not arranged 12 per octave, but rather as divisions of the highest frequency, the lowest note it produces is 1/64th the frequency of the highest, the second lowest note is 1/63rd, and so on.


  • Time - The time knob controls the tempo of the internal clock of the 1 song. At the fastest settings, it will sound more like noises and less like notes, at the slowest settings, it will produce long drones.
  • Length - The length knob controls the number of notes in the melody before it ends. The setting of this knob is read when the "Trigger" button is pressed.
  • Trigger - This button starts or re-starts playing the melody.
  • New - This button tells "1Song" to write a new melody. It will not play the new melody until the Trigger button is pressed. If it is pressed while a melody is playing, it will not change the currently playing melody.
  • Clock Select Switch - When using an external clock, this selects whether an external clock will either tell 1 Song to play a new note, ignoring it's internal rhythm entirely or advance the internal clock of 1 Song by one beat.
  • Volume - This is an optional knob, that should be built when using 1song as a standalone unit, it attenuates the output level.


  • Trigger Input - Input a gate or trigger control here to play a melody.
  • New Input - Input a gate or trigger control here to compose a new melody.
  • Clock Input - Input a clock signal here to synchronize 1 song with your other synthesizer modules.


  • Audio Output - This is the AC coupled Audio output of the 1 song.
  • Trigger Output - This outputs a trigger whenever a new note is played.
  • Clock Output - This outputs a trigger whenever the internal clock advances a beat.
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