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Pure Quantiser PCB/Panel

Pure Quantiser PCB/Panel


The GMSN! Pure Quantiser takes an analogue CV in and converts it to musical scales.

This is a PCB/Panel set in the Eurorack format.

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A powerful musical interval converter

The idea behind the GMSN! Pure Modular is to provide people with the basic building blocks of modular synthesis. Each module in the range performs a simple function. This makes it very easy to learn the principles of subtractive synthesis, while providing extremely powerful tools to explore non-traditional forms of music and sound design.

The GMSN! Pure Quantiser takes an analogue CV in and converts it to musical scales. LED buttons control exactly what notes in the scale will play. So by selecting all the notes in a minor scale, this is the scale that will play. The level of controls enables the user to play any scale and any mode.

There is a also a trigger out which triggers when ever a new note plays, this could be used to control the volume of each note via a VCA and ADSR. There is also a slew control or portamento which blends notes into each other.

● LED buttons control which notes in the scale are available
● Input voltage is adjusted to the nearest available note
● Any western interval pattern or scale can be created
● Trigger out with LED indicator when new note is played
● Portamento control for glide or slew between notes
● Arduino Compatible Code
● Width: 8HP; Depth: 40mm
● Power: 70mA +12v; 5mA 12v

For people wanting to get their hands dirty with coding eurorack modules, the Pure Quanter provides the perfect development platform. For those wanted to take the next step passed shields, the full kit comes with an ATMEGA328, the same chip as the Arduino so again all coding can be done with the IDE, but this time as a proper embedded solution. You will need an additional programmer. Full instructions are included in the Build Doc.

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Brand Glasgow Make Some Noise!
HP 8
Depth 40 mm
+12V 70 mA
-12V 5 mA
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